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What exactly is ‘Consciousness Coaching?’

By Staff | Mar 11, 2016

Now that I have traded in spiritual mentoring for Consciousness Coaching I thought I would try to explain what that is and why it matters.

First though, what is the point of changing? Well, it’s more than just a change in name; you might say it’s a change in consciousness! I began in “religion” but eventually found that the realm bound by ethics, doctrine, and ritual, externally imposed, was constricting to the reality that was emerging inside me. Next stop was “non-denominational” but that carried the burden of describing me by what I was not. After that came “spiritual” which is more universal and fit the worldview I was adopting. I have discovered though that “spiritual” seems to strike a lot of people, by no means all, but a lot, as something for monks and nuns. The term “consciousness” brings things out into the world that more people can relate to and it carries with it a hint of science (a la Ken Wilber) which might finally awaken the interest of the male species.

That explains the migration to Consciousness Coaching but what is it? Aren’t we already conscious? Consciousness Coaching is designed to elevate consciousness which in turn can be unpacked from its Latin roots “to know with”. This means that there are varying levels of consciousness that can be accessed or “known” by experience. The idea of “knowing with” means that we have an accomplice in Spirit, the all-present energy in the universe. Spirit is contained in all things and also transcends everything. Since this energy or Spirit is Love, each successive level of consciousness brings with it a more all-encompassing experience and expression of love.

Recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine and we began talking about humanity’s relationship with nature. He took his cue from the Bible. Some who do that seize on the word “dominion” to justify treating nature in any way that’s beneficial to humans with no regard for nature’s well-being. My friend took a higher road and thought the word “stewardship” was more in keeping with wise behavior. While his consciousness advanced to having respect for nature, humans were still in charge. He would be against something like fracking, for example. There is however a higher stage of consciousness in which one discovers that we and nature are One. This is accompanied by the awakened awareness that humans are not necessarily superior to animals and trees or even to the rocks and stones and the land itself. If that slows you down, it’s simply because you have not reached that level of consciousness yet. Until you do it will appear as nonsense and you will allow “treehugger” to escape your lips.

That’s what consciousness is. Consciousness Coaching is helping people to advance from one level to the next which requires that they let go of a lot of cherished beliefs, such as the inferiority of “pagans”. Why does it matter? It matters because the human race is at a crossroads. We are at that point in Chaos Theory where the tipping point is treading water waiting for that precise moment to remove its finger from the dyke and let change roar down the mountainside. We need to change from within or drown in the stress of the new world birthing within us and around us. To be continued.

Bill O’Brien is a Consciousness Coach. He and his wife Linda have lived in Shepherdstown since 2005.