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Help has arrived

By Staff | Jun 20, 2016

Unrelenting gun violence, the Zika virus, global warming, rainforest destruction, heroin addiction, Monsanto Corporation, stinkbugs, ISIL, trophy hunting, Fox “News”, the U.S. House of Representatives and Donald Trumpput them all together and you might be tempted to despair. Not to worry. Help is on the way and in fact has already arrived.

If you haven’t heard of them they are the Indigo Children, the Crystal Children, and the latest wave known as the Rainbow Children. While I am not an expert on these three amazing groups, I thought it worthwhile to do a little research and make them better known.

The Rainbow Children arrive as finished products, that is they have already reached high spiritual evolution. They strike you almost literally as “little angels.” They mirror for us our divinity and our potential. They are fearless of everybody. They are all about service. When relating to them, the word “avatar” comes to your mindunless you never heard that word, in which case you would probably say “Wow, what an awesome kid”or words to that effect.

My research informs me that the Rainbow Children are successors to the Crystal Children. While the first Crystal Children may have appeared a few decades ago, they came in concentration from about 1995 on. They are best recognized by their loving but penetrating stare. In their presence you may feel that you are being scanned by a higher order of intelligence. They have large eyes that project a wisdom beyond their years. They are very nice people: happy, delightful, and forgiving.

The predecessors to the Crystals were the Indigoes. They appeared mostly in the 1970s. If the Crystals are Peacemakers, the Indigoes were Path Clearers. They were the spiritual warriors who came to break down systems that lack integrity. “It will soon shake your windows and rattle your walls” sang Bob Dylan and he could have been raising their anthem. Faced with them, establishment minded professions labeled them as ADHD or ADD. When medicated the Indigoes lose their spiritual appeal and become “sedate”. The true story is not that there all these problem kids with ADHD but that there are all these unevolved adult institutions that find them threatening and have to suppress them. It is impossible to manipulate or “BS” an Indigo Child. Their inner radar picks up on it immediately. Recently I saw a You Tube video about a child like this who was disrupting everything. One day his mother noticed that his feet were always twitching and got the idea that maybe dance would be good for him. He turned out to be a born dancer, astounded everyone with his talent, and was off his meds within a year.

These three waves of Higher Consciousness children have dramatically shifted the atmosphere of our culture. The often criticized Millennial Generation is populated with them and we now see an advance among them in a passionate desire to heal the planet, manifested by a much higher percentage of vegetarians, many more walkers and bicyclists, vastly reduced credit card use, and a skeptical attitude toward capitalism. They have brought their new vision of reality into the political theater, largely supporting Bernie Sanders.